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Running time    118mins
Genre    Gangster Feature Film
Original language    English
Status    In Development
Distribution    Global Theatrical + Television + OTT + Festivals


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Inspired by actual events, this is the explosive and often shocking tale of three rival gangs vying for control of Vancouver’s immensely lucrative drug trade. Cultures and generations clash as the Asians, Bikers and Indo-Canadian gangs battle for money and power.

Caught in the middle is a young Indo-Canadian TV reporter struggling to find the truth behind a series of brazen gangland executions. His main subject is a young Sikh, self proclaimed Canadian Godfather, one of the most feared gangsters in the city who operates without any rules. What begins as a routine assignment soon becomes a frightening journey into the black heart of Vancouver’s brutal underworld.

Part “City of God” and part “Scarface”, Lotusland is a place where power rules, corruption is rampant and human life is anything but sacred.